Searching for Flexible LED Strip Lights Wholesale?

Unpacking the Market Trends

LED strip lights are growing in demand for an ever-growing variety of tasks both for domestic and corporate. Energy-efficient lighting solutions can be used in home interior decor or brighten the workplace and have become an integral part of modern decor and utility lighting. By 2023, the worldwide LED strip market value is expected to be close to $1.8 B USD with an annual growth rate of about 12% as per the predictions for the upcoming 5 years.

The Top Suppliers You Have To Be Aware Of

LED Global Solutions

Located in Chicago, Illinois LED Global Solutions provides extensive range of Wholesale Flexible LED Strip Lights. They have a huge catalog of different color options and you can choose easily among single-color, RGB or RGBW strip types which can be installed in indoor as well as outdoor locations. With a short turnaround time that lets them ship bulk orders in as little as 48 hours, they are a go-to option for lots of firms.

EcoBright Technologies

Specializing in LED products that are sustainable and energy-efficient, EcoBright Technologies operates out of Seattle. Circle the best temperature falls between 4000 -7000k, this is ideal, they, however offer you strip lights with a very high cri90+, gives you that natural color. And there it is—EcoBright claims that their products can last up to 60,000 hours (which is about 27 years per day) and also provides an excellent 7-year warranty.

Innovative Lighting Designs Ltd

Based in Boston Innovative Lighting Designs Ltd can meet your bespoke lighting needs with a surgical touch. They have instead been renowned for their customized, tailor-made solutions, built to fit the specific requirement of each client. Not to mention that their LED strip lights are highly flexible and comes with added functionalities such as dimming and waterproof capabilities.

Pricing and Quality deduction

When searching for wholesale suppliers, you have to note their product cost and quality. They also range in price, usually between $2 and $15 per meter, based on the specifications and how many meters are ordered. But when it comes to buying from reliable manufacturers, you ensure to have a much more durable product with a superior guarantee and customer service.

Tailoring to Client Needs

Both of these firms centre their operations around understanding the exact needs of the customers. This includes, full consultation to ensure the lighting solutions are tailored to each and every project as well as supplying products, working to provide lighting solutions not just products.

Choose Wisely

Finding a combination of quality and customer service in addition to product innovation is essential for those seeking to purchase Flexible LED Strip Lights Wholesale. LED Global Solutions, EcoBright Technologies and Innovative Lighting Designs Ltd are suppliers which not only fulfill such expectations but actually surpass them, offering their clients great quality products and services every time.

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